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Preventing Acne

The Best Post-Workout Face Regimen to Prevent Acne

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It’s hard to argue the benefits of working out as every sweaty session brings you a step closer to optimal physical and mental health. However, just as you can count on endorphins flooding your brain, sweat and dirt are on standby ready to clog your pores and produce unsightly acne.

By incorporating an after-work-out skin regimen, you can keep your attention focused on the barbells and not your breakouts.

Post-Work-out Face Routines

  • Make your own facial wipes. Be prepared for the days you don’t have time to take a shower after working out. All you need is a cheap pack of alcohol-free baby wipes soaked in witch hazel and you have all the same benefits of pricey name brand cleansers without the cost. Stash them in a Ziploc and store the bag in your purse or gym locker for busy days.
  • Don’t forget to exfoliate! When you can shower after workouts, aim to exfoliate at least every other time. Gym-goers tend to host more oil-trapping skin cells than the average Joe. Revitalize your skin and remove dead skin cells by gently rubbing your face with a washcloth in circular motions. Make your own natural skin scrub with honey, sugar, and lemon.
  • Change your clothes ASAP. Don’t hang out in sweaty clothes any longer than necessary. Even if you don’t have time to rinse off between workouts, you can still prevent face and body acne by changing into clean, dry clothes that aren’t dripping with pore-clogging sweat, dirt, and beauty products that may have rubbed off during your work-out.
  • Be mindful of extra showers. If frequent post-workout showers are causing dry skin, add a moisturizing face cream into the mix to keep your skin hydrated between workouts. Similarly, the more often you shower and use hair care products, the more susceptible you’ll be to product buildup that can collect around your hairline and cause acne as you sweat.

Pre-Workout Practices

Clear skin doesn’t rely solely on your post-workout face routine as what you do before hitting the treadmill matters just as much.

  • Wear moisture-wicking fabrics – Acne isn’t just limited to your face. Avoid breakouts on your arms, back, and buttocks by wearing appropriate workout apparel. Cotton will become heavy and stick to your skin while harboring sweat. Opt instead for synthetic fabrics that divert moisture and allow your skin to breathe.
  • Start with a fresh face – Makeup and sweat are a terrible combination that creates excess oil and promotes acne. Your pores open as your body heats up, so it’s best to work out with a clean face that’s free of makeup.
  • Pack a sweat towel – Resist the natural urge to wipe your brow with your hand – especially after touching bacteria-ridden gym equipment that others have used. Gross, right? Your skin thinks so, too! Keep a clean towel in your gym bag to gently dab – not wipe – your face between sets. Vigorous rubbing can cause further skin irritation.
  • Stay up on your routine – If the idea of heading to the gym without makeup makes you anxious, you may want to rethink your daily skin care routine. The healthier your skin, the less you’ll feel inclined to use oil-producing makeup products. Using Elite Serum Rx, for example, can reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles and eventually replace expensive pore-clogging concealers.

Staying acne free requires dedication to a before- and after-work-out skin regimen. It doesn’t have to be timely or costly though – simply keep your face as clean as possible to prevent acne breakouts. You might not be bothered by sweat, but your pores don’t necessarily agree!


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Keep Your Face Free of Wrinkles

The Best Ways to Keep Your Face Wrinkle Free this Summer

Category : Instructionals

Nobody wants to deal with wrinkles on their face. Even guys that claim they don’t care about things like skin care, and don’t buy skin care products, don’t want to look any older than they are.

If you care about your skin, you probably already know that summer is one of the most potentially damaging times of year. That’s because most people spend a lot of time out in the sun, which produces its most intense UVA and UVB rays of the year in the summer months.

Just because it is summer, doesn’t mean you have to just accept the skin damage that could come with the season though. Use this guide to help you keep wrinkles at bay this summer and throughout every other season as well.

Moisturize Properly

A lot of people buy and use moisturizer on a regular basis. Maybe not everyone puts it on every single day, but many people are diligent about using it. Keeping your skin supple and moist can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, so we always suggest using a good facial moisturizer regularly.

Using a quality moisturizer is even more important in the summer when your skin is likely to be very dry. Even if you live in a humid climate, chances are sweat, dirt and all that exposure to the sun will make your skin feel a bit parched.

For the best results in the summer months, always apply a facial moisturizer with an SPF rating of 15 or higher. That way the delicate skin on your face will be protected even when you’re only outside for 10 minutes at a time.

Wear Sunscreen

You’ve heard many times that you’re supposed to wear sunscreen whenever you plan to spend time in the summer sun. It’s not news to anyone anymore, but just because you know you’re supposed to, doesn’t mean you do it every time, right? It also doesn’t mean that you apply sunscreen the right way.

Buy a high-quality, broad spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF rating of 30. While sunscreens over 30 can give you a little more protection, you’re usually playing a game of diminishing returns with your money. In most cases, it’s better to reapply SPF 30 more often than going for the SPF 50.

To use sunscreen properly, start by applying it to your skin about 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the house. That way you’ll give your sunscreen time to dry and set in place.

You’ll also want to reapply every 60 to 75 minutes or so after swimming or perspiring heavily. When it comes to sunscreen, more is always a good thing, so don’t worry about going overboard.

Get a Pair of Sunglasses!

Wrinkles around the eyes often pop up around the summer months because people spend so much time squinting. Over the course of a lifetime, you could develop some serious fine lines around your eyes.

Buy a pair of sunglasses that allow you to see well without squinting. Pick a stylish pair and buy a quality case for them so they’ll always be handy. Get in the habit of wearing them when you’re outside and you won’t have to fight wrinkles quite as much.

Elite Serum Rx

Visit Elite Serum Rx to learn more about how you can keep your skin wrinkle free this summer. Our product can reduce the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes and help prevent new lines from forming.


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Puffy Eyes Causes

What Causes Puffy Eyes and How to Prevent Them

Category : Skincare

At Elite Serum Rx, we specialize in the treatment of wrinkles and reducing the appearance of visible lines around the eyes. One of the most common conditions we assist in treating is puffiness around the eyes. This condition is very common and can have several different causes. Keep reading to learn what these causes are, how to treat them, and how we can help.

The Causes of Puffy Eyes

There are a variety of issues that can cause puffy eyes. Some of these causes are related to lifestyle and others to health. These issues can include the following:

  • Too much salt in the diet leading to fluid retention.
  • Allergic reactions of various types such as seasonal allergies.
  • Sinus problems or ailments.
  • Dehydration and a lack of fluids.
  • Insomnia or general poor sleeping habits.
  • Too much daily stress.
  • Excessive crying.
  • Exposure to eye irritants such as smoke and dust.

Treatments for Puffy Eyes

Many of the above issues can be treated by dealing with their underlying causes. For example:

  • Use eye drops in response to allergies.
  • Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
  • Ice can reduce general swelling caused by a variety of issues as can a washcloth that has been dipped in cold weather and placed over the eyes.
  • Reducing salt consumption and making sure your diet is healthy and rich in vitamin intake.
  • Use creams containing aloe vera, vitamin E, and vitamin K.
  • Increasing potassium intake which in turn reduces fluid retention.
  • Getting enough sleep nightly, roughly 7 to 8 hours is advisable.
  • Lastly, be sure to seek medical attention if your symptoms are severe and include more pronounced ailments such as pain, itching, or redness.

Unfortunately, aging is not something you can avoid and the same is also true for a genetic predisposition to puffy eyes or under-eye bags. As people age, fatty tissue can cause puffiness as it pushes forward in the area around the eyes. When aging is the root cause of puffy eyes, a cosmetic treatment may be required. These can include eyelid surgery where excess fat is removed, laser treatments, and prescription skin care products. For those not wanting to undergo surgery, skincare products can offer a less invasive solution.

Elite Serum Rx

There are no shortages of eye treatments and face creams on the market. When looking for the best eye serum, Elite Serum Rx is an ideal solution. Containing medical grade peptides, it is specially designed to treat eye puffiness, bags, dark circles, and reduce wrinkles. Please contact us today for more information.


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Prevent Crows Feet

Best Ways to Prevent and Treat Crow’s Feet

Category : Skincare

When it comes to crow’s feet, many people have them yet no one wants them. At Elite Serum Rx, we have advice that’s two-fold. First, we’ll tell you how to prevent these laugh lines, next we’ll show you how to treat them if you have them.

How to prevent crow’s feet

Crow’s feet, sometimes known as “character lines,” are inevitable for all of us as we age, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent them for as long as possible or reduce their appearance. Here are several proven ways to do just that.

  • Use your sunscreen. We recommend wearing at least SPF 30 every day. Yes, every day! That means summer, of course, but it also includes the dead of winter. Being exposed to the sun causes your skin to age more quickly. Bonus: Not only will sunscreen help protect your skin from aging, but it’ll also help protect you from skin cancer.
  • Invest in UV-protecting sunglasses. This is a chance to double your protection. Any time you’re out in the sun for a prolonged period of time, UV-protecting sunglasses will help prevent sun damage and can further protect against crow’s feet by helping you not squint.
  • Use the right face and eye serum. At Elite Serum Rx, we offer a serum that’s anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, and chock full of peptides that help your skin avoid damage and repair itself from existing damage. We recommend our serum thanks to its hydrating ingredients and proven effectiveness.
  • Massage the muscles around your eyes. Crow’s feet, at their core, are just lines ingrained into your skin because the muscles beneath the skin are being used repeatedly. The eye area is susceptible to wrinkles because those facial muscles are used so frequently. Take five minutes at night to massage these muscles to help them relax.

How to treat crow’s feet

You now have some ideas on how to prevent crow’s feet, but we also want to share with you some ideas on how to treat existing wrinkles.

  • Drink plenty of water. No matter how old or new your wrinkles are, getting plenty of water is the most important thing you can do. Dry, dehydrated skin will sag – which will make your wrinkles look worse.
  • Use a moisturizer. In exactly the same way water can help prevent your wrinkles from showing through, a moisturizer that’s targeted for your delicate eye-area skin can help plump the area and smooth out your wrinkles. Again, hydration is the name of the game!
  • Take a close look at your diet. Ensuring your diet is rich in antioxidants is one way you can promote healthy, youthful-looking skin from the inside out. An egg white mask applied to the skin around your eyes can have a tightening effect too. Just take one egg white, beat it in a bowl, soak it up with a cotton ball or rag, and then use it to coat the skin around your eyes. After 15 minutes, wash it off with gentle soap and water.
  • Use Aloe vera. Natural food enthusiasts will tell you that aloe vera is one of the most trusted ingredients to help treat your crow’s feet. It has antioxidant properties that fight off free radicals and it includes both vitamins and minerals that brighten and tone your skin. Just drink a tablespoon of aloe vera juice twice a day, or grab a fresh leaf, squeeze the gel out, and apply it around your eyes before you go to sleep. When you wake up, wash your face. Do this every day for a few weeks to see firmer, more hydrated skin.

Elite Serum Rx

There are some aspects of aging that just come with the territory but these tips can help prevent or lessen the effects of crow’s feet. The regular use of Elite Serum Rx can treat existing crow’s feet and help prevent new wrinkles from forming. Please contact us today for more information.



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