This helpful peptide targets under-eye puffiness and unsightly dark circles. Known in scientific circles as Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Haloxyl® encourages circulation to the problem area and significantly reduces unsightly under-eye circles.

Eyelid swelling is the common culprit behind puffiness and dark circles..

During sleep, fluid naturally builds up under your eyes. Studies show that Haloxyl® successfully reverses this process, thereby rejuvenating your appearance. When you go to bed at night, gravity can stimulate fluid buildup in your lower eyelids. In clinical studies, Haloxyl® encouraged lymphatic drainage by up to 85%, effectively decreasing problematic fluid accumulation.

22 Female volunteers have applied, to the contour of one eye, a gel containing 2% Haloxyl for 56 days against a placebo on the other one. The dark circle reversing effect is assessed by image analysis and measurement of the color parameters (L,a,b system) by a specific software.

This successful clinical study from SeDerma® found that Haloxyl® eliminated dark under-eye circles by 600 percent!. To create these amazing results, Haloxyl breaks down and flushes toxin-formed pigmented blood from the problem area, leaving your eyes looking more youthful.

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