The Best Post-Workout Face Regimen to Prevent Acne

It’s hard to argue the benefits of working out as every sweaty session brings you a step closer to optimal physical and mental health. However, just as you can count on endorphins flooding your brain, sweat and dirt are on standby ready to clog your pores and produce unsightly acne. By incorporating an after-work-out skin [...]

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The Best Ways to Keep Your Face Wrinkle Free this Summer

Nobody wants to deal with wrinkles on their face. Even guys that claim they don’t care about things like skin care, and don’t buy skin care products, don’t want to look any older than they are. If you care about your skin, you probably already know that summer is one of the most potentially damaging [...]

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The Oil Cleansing Method

The oil cleansing method is a natural way to clean the skin, and it's a natural way to help prevent wrinkles. While it sounds crazy, cleaning our skin with oil actually makes a lot of sense – even for those with oil skin. Yes, in fact it can be a solution for oily skin and [...]

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Is It Too Late to Treat Your Wrinkles?

Take a poll of 100 people and you’ll likely find that nobody would choose to look older than they are. In fact, most people would be more than happy to retain the skin they had when they were in their 20s. Unfortunately, aging is something that you just can’t stop, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with skin that looks older than you are! While most people in their 40s, 50s and 60s may think that it’s too late to do something about wrinkles, the fact is that there’s still plenty that can be done. Keep reading to learn more about how you can reduce the signs of wrinkled skin and almost completely zap those fine lines. […]

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Enhancing Eyeshadows and Mascaras

Once you’ve started to see the benefits of using Elite Serum Rx to reduce the appearance of eye wrinkles and dark circles, it is time to step up your makeup game and show off your fresher, younger looking eyes! We have gathered up some of our personal favorite eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliner tips to give you a few ideas that will draw attention to your beautiful new eyes. No matter what color your eyes are, we have a way to make them pop. […]

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The A to Z Guide to Anti-Aging

This A to Z list will help you live a healthier and stronger life for as long as possible, and as a bonus, it can help you stay looking younger too. Antioxidants – Antioxidants provide benefits that include reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars, and they are anti-inflammatory. Brows – Thinning your brows can make you appear older, but over-grown brows aren’t attractive either. Keep your brows groomed and shaped, and use a filler pencil when needed. Creams – Your face, neck, hands and feet are the first places people start to notice aging. There are many types of creams available to help protect and care for these areas, including anti-aging formulas. […]

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How to Correctly Apply Elite Serum Rx to Your Under-Eye Area

Serum that goes under my eyes to get rid of some of the baggage that comes with aging is a good idea as long as injections are not involved. I have been using eye creams for decades (I won’t say how many!) to help with sagging skin and dark under-eye circles. I was told years ago to gently pat and lightly spread the cream or lotion onto the area around the eyes with a gentle inward motion toward the nose. Lotion is spread gently to the upper lid moving outward from the nose just below the brow. I was ready to try Elite Serum Rx extra strength, an Argireline anti-aging eye serum. The serum comes in a syringe, but there are no needles because this product is not injected. The small amount of serum is spread gently by light patting with my ring finger. It is absorbed through the skin. I always remember to press gently at the temple bone. It works well to fill in lines and minimize puffiness with no discomfort. The 0.47 ounce syringe provides measured doses for 60 applications. I apply it once a day. The package includes application information. […]

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Home Remedies to Cure Dark Under-Eye Circles

The eyes are the most prominent of facial features and the most expressive. When your eyes look their best, so do you! Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, and dark under-eye circles and/or puffiness around the eyes can take quite a toll on your overall appearance, making you look tired, stressed and generally unwell – even if you’re feeling great. So what can be done to remedy a dark, puffy under-eye area? A variety of home remedies can provide at least a temporary fix, improving the appearance of the eye area for a fresher, healthier look. […]

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