What Causes Puffy Eyes and How to Prevent Them

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Puffy Eyes Causes

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At Elite Serum Rx, we specialize in the treatment of wrinkles and reducing the appearance of visible lines around the eyes. One of the most common conditions we assist in treating is puffiness around the eyes. This condition is very common and can have several different causes. Keep reading to learn what these causes are, how to treat them, and how we can help.

The Causes of Puffy Eyes

There are a variety of issues that can cause puffy eyes. Some of these causes are related to lifestyle and others to health. These issues can include the following:

  • Too much salt in the diet leading to fluid retention.
  • Allergic reactions of various types such as seasonal allergies.
  • Sinus problems or ailments.
  • Dehydration and a lack of fluids.
  • Insomnia or general poor sleeping habits.
  • Too much daily stress.
  • Excessive crying.
  • Exposure to eye irritants such as smoke and dust.

Treatments for Puffy Eyes

Many of the above issues can be treated by dealing with their underlying causes. For example:

  • Use eye drops in response to allergies.
  • Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water.
  • Ice can reduce general swelling caused by a variety of issues as can a washcloth that has been dipped in cold weather and placed over the eyes.
  • Reducing salt consumption and making sure your diet is healthy and rich in vitamin intake.
  • Use creams containing aloe vera, vitamin E, and vitamin K.
  • Increasing potassium intake which in turn reduces fluid retention.
  • Getting enough sleep nightly, roughly 7 to 8 hours is advisable.
  • Lastly, be sure to seek medical attention if your symptoms are severe and include more pronounced ailments such as pain, itching, or redness.

Unfortunately, aging is not something you can avoid and the same is also true for a genetic predisposition to puffy eyes or under-eye bags. As people age, fatty tissue can cause puffiness as it pushes forward in the area around the eyes. When aging is the root cause of puffy eyes, a cosmetic treatment may be required. These can include eyelid surgery where excess fat is removed, laser treatments, and prescription skin care products. For those not wanting to undergo surgery, skincare products can offer a less invasive solution.

Elite Serum Rx

There are no shortages of eye treatments and face creams on the market. When looking for the best eye serum, Elite Serum Rx is an ideal solution. Containing medical grade peptides, it is specially designed to treat eye puffiness, bags, dark circles, and reduce wrinkles. Please contact us today for more information.


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