The Formula

The Formula

Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) is widely considered to be the most intensive anti-aging eye serum formula on the market today. Compare for yourself, as no other eye serum contains such a compelling mixture of marquee ingredients. All of which are instrumental in the fight against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Elite Serum Rx and its eight powerful peptide ingredients

Don’t forget Elite Serum Rx’s skin preserving and moisturizing

Extra Strength Elite Serum Rx is made using potent peptides at their highest available concentration produced in the world’s finest labs, including those of Sederma, Pentapharm, Lipotec, Centerchem, and LucasMeyer. These companies are world leaders in advanced dermatology., using sophisticatd technology and scientific expertise to research and manufacture the world’s best active ingredients dedicated to cosmetics. SkinPro® works closely with these companies, making us one of the first to provide major breakthroughs in skincare technology, offering cutting-edge ingredients in its products.

Elite Serum Rx has greatly evolved since it’s conception, but SkinPro® and this website provide only the most advanced, updated version of the formula. Be confident that with Elite Serum Rx, your purchasing the industry’s most advanced anit-wrinkle ingredients, and SkinPro®’s most refined age-defying formula.


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