Two matrikines™ – Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR – give Matrixyl™3000 the ability to restore and sustain youthful-looking skin. The matrikines™ reverse visible signs of aging by focusing on skin repair and restructuration. By stimulating neosynthesis in the extracellular matrix macromecules, Matrixyl gives you the visible anti-wrinkle results you crave.

The matrikines™ serve as the messenger molecules, regulating activity at the cellular level. Through interaction with specific receptors, they stimulate the specific genes involved in cell proliferation and extracellular matrix renewal.

As we age, our skin’s rejuvenating complexes become weaker.

SeDerma clinical tests using Matrixyl™3000 illustrate the amazing anit-wrinkle effects after only 56 days. Luckily, you can use Matrixyl™ to supplement your skin’s anti-aging mechanisms and maintain a smooth, youthful appearance around your eyes. Once again, SeDerma clinical tests showed the success of Matrixyl™3000. An application proved to smooth away undesirable wrinkles by up to 45 percent in just two months. Study subjects also experienced enhanced skin elasticity and tone.

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