Natural Ingredients

All-natural seaweed extracts preserve your skin’s collagen by reducing glycation. In-vivo tests showed that these extracts hinder skin-degrading enzymes and the glycation process. Glycation occurs when the skin’s natural sugar molecules bond to a protein or lipid molecule without enzyme control. After glycation, biomolecule functioning can be impaired, thereby weakening the skin on a cellular level.

The results you see in the mirror include reduced firmness and increased wrinkling. By blocking glycation, these seaweed extracts preserve your skin’s youthful firmness and prevent wrinkles.  In studies, red and green seaweed extracts have been shown to inhibit two enzymes that break down the skin’s structural proteins – elastase and collagen. As demonstrated in the vivo tests, these enzymes block a number of viruses from entering cells. These capabilities add to their appeal as an ingredient in a curative facial serum.

Improved Visage

In-vivo testing proved this ingredient effectively reduced signs of aging in clinical trial volunteers. By applying the serum, which included 1 percent seaweed extract, once a day for 12 weeks, subjects decreased wrinkle depth by 9.45 percent. At the end of the study, expert grading found that skin elasticity, tone, and firmness had improved by 67.6 percent. Impressively, skin appearance had improved by 68.4 percent. The grading also revealed that dryness and roughness had been resolved by 92.1 percent.

Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronicacid1Your skin requires Hyaluronic Acid to retain water. However, the natural aging process can cause your skin’s Hyaluronic Acid supply to dwindle. You may even see swift, problematic decreases, resulting in dry, rough skin. Sun exposure, stress, and smoking commonly create unsightly lines around your eyes.

When you apply Hyaluronic Acid directly to your skin, it seeps into the dermis, where it combines with water and enhances nutrient absorption and microcirculation. It also forms an airtight seal to help your skin better retain this important moisture. With one application, you’ll enjoy impressive rejuvenation, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Hyaluronic Acid is among the most popular new facial injections, thanks to its success in hindering and hiding unsightly signs of aging.

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