How to Correctly Apply Elite Serum Rx to Your Under-Eye Area

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Serum that goes under my eyes to get rid of some of the baggage that comes with aging is a good idea as long as injections are not involved.

I have been using eye creams for decades (I won’t say how many!) to help with sagging skin and dark under-eye circles. I was told years ago to gently pat and lightly spread the cream or lotion onto the area around the eyes with a gentle inward motion toward the nose. Lotion is spread gently to the upper lid moving outward from the nose just below the brow.

I was ready to try Elite Serum Rx extra strength, an Argireline anti-aging eye serum. The serum comes in a syringe, but there are no needles because this product is not injected. The small amount of serum is spread gently by light patting with my ring finger. It is absorbed through the skin. I always remember to press gently at the temple bone. It works well to fill in lines and minimize puffiness with no discomfort.

The 0.47 ounce syringe provides measured doses for 60 applications. I apply it once a day. The package includes application information.


Argireline® is a brand name for Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. (“Hex” would suggest eight sides to this molecule.) The substance triggers the relaxation of tiny muscles around the eyes that cause lines and wrinkles. The Acetyl Hexapeptide works with the SNAP-8 anti-wrinkle peptide to tell the neurotransmitters that tighten up to take a break and relax. The molecular interaction is actually more involved, but the results are what counts and they are great. It takes less than a month to reduce these tight little lines by more than 30%.

The Argireline works with SYN-TC, a synthetic peptide, to stimulate the formation of the collagen combinations that create smoother skin. The fact that collagen injections are not required to smooth out wrinkled skin is a major breakthrough.

Another peptide, Haloxyl, reduces puffiness and dark circles. It breaks down toxins in tiny blood vessels around the eyes.

Other molecular substances found in Elite Serum Rx include:

These are patented brand names for peptides and other solutions that work with collagen to create a smoother surface on the skin. Red and green seaweed extract also work to preserve the natural collagen tissue around the eyes. Hyaluronic acid acts to preserve water in skin cells.

All of these medically approved substances produce a delicate up-to-date serum that is not oily or greasy.

Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum Rx is manufactured in a 70,000 square-foot FDA approved facility in Miami, where a staff of highly trained pharmaceutical technicians helps prepare it.

See the Elite Serum Rx website for more detailed information and illustrations of the substances that make this an outstanding product for improving the lines and dark circles that find their way under our eyes as we age.

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