The Real Truth about Looking Younger

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Aging is a process the body experiences no matter who you are. There are several facts to be considered when trying to combat the effects of aging on the skin. The first is that every person’s skin is unique to their health, physical condition and lifestyle. Second, your skin will age no matter what you do, but you mitigate the effects of aging. There are different things you can do to dramatically slow the effects of the aging process that appear on the skin. If looking younger is your goal, we at Elite Serum Rx have some suggestions.

Glycans and Glycobiology

Glycans are complex sugars found in cells within the human body. These special sugar molecules allow the cells to communicate with one another. Glycobiology is the science and study of how these sugars work within the cells and either speed up or slow down the aging process. Exposure to certain natural elements such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and chemicals can have a direct effect on cells and how they function.

Glycans, also known as polysaccharides, are needed to maintain balance within the cells so they function properly. When glycans are reduced in cells, skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity. To keep skin feeling and looking younger, glycans need to be reintroduced. An effective way of restoring this balance is through the use of cosmetic products like Elite Serum Rx.

How Glycans Reduce the Effects of Aging

Glycans help to kick start the production of collagen in the skin and restoring the cells’ abilities to effectively communicate with one another. Restoring this communication allows the cells to work together to exchange needed nutrients and oxygen. When the cells can receive and release both nutrients and waste, they function at top efficiency, making skin pliable and resilient. The skin’s level of elasticity is directly related to how well the cells work together. Glycans rejuvenate the skin making it look younger and enabling it to be more resilient when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Elite Serum Rx

We, at Elite Serum Rx, believe that while your skin naturally ages, you can do something to slow the process. By using our products regularly, you can dramatically slow down the aging process and help to keep your skin feeling and looking younger.

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