Why Do We Get Dark Under-Eye Circles?

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Most people have experienced dark circles under their eyes at one time or another. Women spend a lot of time and effort to cover them with makeup or eliminate them with creams and lotions. Walking through the beauty section at the store or searching the internet will produce no shortage of products designed to hide the dark under-eye bags.

At Elite Serum Rx, we believe that in order to properly treat and remove dark circles, you must first understand what causes them.

Fatigue and Lack of Sleep

Many people automatically attribute dark circles under the eyes to a lack of sleep. Lack of sleep, or fatigue, is one cause but it is not the most common. When the body is fatigued, whether it’s due to a lack of sleep or other stressors, the skin is weaker and thinner, giving the appearance of darker skin.

More often, it is simply gravity that causes sleep-related bags under the eyes. When you’re sleeping, especially if you sleep on your stomach or side, gravity causes fluid to build up under your eyes, causing dark circles or bags to appear.

Allergies and Dermatitis

Allergies, as well as dermatitis and eczema, are a common cause of dark circles under the eyes due to itchy, watery eyes. If you suffer from seasonal or indoor allergies, you know that with allergies comes constant itching and rubbing of the eyes. Fluid also builds up under the eyes, which creates extra moisture in the sinuses and causes puffy eyes.

Puffy eyelids, from a variety of causes including dermatitis and eczema, can cast shadows over the underlying areas, giving the illusion of darker skin under your eyes.

Aging and the Sun

During the normal process of aging, hollows form under the eyes due to thinning skin and the natural loss of fat and collagen. This causes blood vessels under the eyes to be more visible, giving the skin a darker appearance.

Excessive exposure to the sun causes the skin around your eyes to sag and wrinkle. Smoking and chronic rubbing cause weakening of the skin and dark circles tend to present themselves over time.

Pigmentation and Heredity

A variety of issues and conditions can cause pigmentation irregularities, especially in individuals with darker skin and those who spend a lot of time in the sun. Excessive production of melanin, the pigment that colors the skin, may be responsible for dark circles when no other condition is present.

Heredity is another consideration. Discoloration under the eyes and pigment irregularities can be hereditary and passed on through the generations without another obvious cause.

For mild to moderate dark circles, we at Elite Serum Rx recommend applying cold compresses to puffy eyes, getting a good night’s sleep and using extra pillows in bed to help prevent additional puffiness in conjunction with using our eye serum.

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