What’s in YOUR Eye Cream?

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In today’s multi-billion dollar beauty industry, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of options on the market. Moisturizers, cleansers, face creams, eye creams – not only are the products seemingly endless, but so are the purposes behind them. Should you choose the anti-wrinkle cream, or the night repair moisturizer? While we can’t answer all your beauty questions, we at Elite Serum Rx can help you find the best eye cream to achieve the results you want.

Why do we need eye cream?

Eye creams are used to target a variety of beauty issues – aging-related or otherwise. The skin around our eyes is thin and delicate, making it extremely prone to dryness, as well as showing fatigue and aging. Common causes for using eye creams include:

  • Dark circles
  • Under eye puffiness
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

A lot of people think “but why can’t I just use a regular face moisturizer?” The answer is that eye creams are specially formulated for that sensitive skin around the eyes. They tend to be thicker than standard facial moisturizers, contain more oil and have a lot more targeted ingredients to combat the conditions mentioned above.

What makes it so effective?

Eye creams should contain anti-oxidants, cell-communicating ingredients and skin repair ingredients that soothe the skin and do not contain fragrances. Depending on the specific type of eye-area problem, you’ll want to choose an eye cream that has specific ingredients designed to address that problem.

For example, anti-aging cream should contain ingredients such as:

  • Hyaluronic acid. The fat cells around the eyes tend to fall first. This ingredient can plump up skin cells by drawing water from the air. It can actually hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water!
  • Retinol or neuropeptides. These are collagen-building ingredients derived from Vitamin A which stimulates cell turnover and collagen production. This makes ether a good choice for combating sun damage and fine lines, although peptides tend to be gentler on the dermis than retinoic acid.
  • Vitamins C and E. Along with Vitamin A, found in retinol, vitamins C and E are powerful tools against anti-aging. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and elasticity of the skin, while vitamin E soothes the under eye area and protects it from damage.

Elite Serum Rx

You can find eye creams that work for multiple issues at once. Again, the key is to understand the ingredients’ functions to ensure you are using a product with the right formula for your needs. At Elite Serum Rx, we design our serum to target the signs of aging as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles. We use a unique and potent mix of medical-grade peptides which work together to improve your overall facial appearance.

Taking care of your skin, especially the delicate skin around your eyes, is an important part of anyone’s facial routine. Choose products with effective ingredients targeted to your needs, and follow the directions faithfully, to achieve the results that you want to see.



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