The A to Z Guide to Anti-Aging

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This A to Z list will help you live a healthier and stronger life for as long as possible, and as a bonus, it can help you stay looking younger too.

Antioxidants – Antioxidants provide benefits that include reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars, and they are anti-inflammatory.

Brows – Thinning your brows can make you appear older, but over-grown brows aren’t attractive either. Keep your brows groomed and shaped, and use a filler pencil when needed.

Creams – Your face, neck, hands and feet are the first places people start to notice aging. There are many types of creams available to help protect and care for these areas, including anti-aging formulas.

Detoxification – The occasional liver, kidney, and colon detoxification cleanse will help your body eliminate the waste caused by stress, poor dietary choices and pollution.

Exercise – Exercise helps increase blood flow to the skin. It also provides your cells with oxygen and helps flush free radicals from your body.

Facials – There are many types of facials available to address a wide range of skin issues.

Ginseng – Ginseng taken internally helps support physical and mental endurance and promotes vitality.

Hair – Healthy, vibrant hair makes you look younger. Keep it well conditioned, especially if you color it.

Illuminators – Illuminators can give you the look of youthful and vibrant skin and can disguise wrinkles.

Journaling – Stress can age you fast, but journaling can help you de-stress and find mental peace. Write down your thoughts, goals, dreams, or things for which you’re grateful.

Keratin – Keratin is important for healthy hair, skin and nails. Eating a diet rich in vitamins A and C can help your body produce enough keratin.

Laughter – Laughing can help you lower your blood pressure and it helps your body produce fewer stress hormones.

Masks – There are facial masks for every skin type, and you can find them to address a variety of issues.

Naps –If you’re not getting enough sleep at night, a nap can help you feel and look better.

Omega-3 – Omega-3s are good for your skin, so make sure you’re getting enough with diet or supplements. Walnuts and flax are great sources.

Peptides – These are links of amino acids that can be broken down by destructive environmental factors and aging. Milk and wheat products are good sources of peptides.

Quality Time – Spending time doing something you love is rejuvenating.

Retinol – This form of vitamin A aids in cell turnover and repair, and it protects skin from free radicals.

Sun Protection – Sun damages skin, so wear protection every day you spend extended time in the sun.

Teeth – Clean, bright, and healthy teeth make you look younger and are a sign of healthy body.

U – As in, you. You are important. See the value in yourself, and you’ll take better care of your health.

Vegetables – These are important, and you know it. Eat a lot of them every day.

Water – As with vegetables, you know water is good for you, so drink plenty of it every day.

X – As in X out your harmful habits such as tanning, drinking too much alcohol, and smoking. All are bad for your body and they make you look older. Quit them now for an anti-aging boost.

Yoga – Yoga is great for strength, flexibility, and it reduces stress.

Zinc – Zinc is good for your immune system and helps keep skin clear.

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