Should You Get Botox to Look Younger?

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Category : Skincare

If you are asking yourself, “Should I get Botox? Will it make me look younger?” you are certainly not alone. Many women (and men) start asking themselves those questions as soon as they see a few lines and wrinkles on their faces. But is Botox really the best option for looking younger?

Harsh Lines

If you are considering Botox treatments to eliminate the lines between your eyebrows (that are often referred to by the numbers they represent, either a “1” or an “11”) the procedure can be great fix. Many people feel that these wrinkles can give them an angry appearance and Botox can definitely soften those lines, making your face look less harsh.

Radiant Skin

While Botox is great for targeting specific wrinkles, if your goal is to look younger overall and get more radiant-looking skin, Botox may not be your best answer.

Looking younger is not just about eliminating the lines and wrinkles on your face. First, you need to focus on your skin’s texture. Smooth skin with an even tone and small pores looks great. One of the best ways to achieve this is to use retinol every night. Retinol is a type of vitamin A that you can purchase over the counter. It helps to stimulate the metabolism of skin cells, which will help to encourage collagen production. Using a retinol product every night can help you get rid of sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and it can help shrink the pores on your face.

Home chemical peels can also help improve your skin’s texture and radiance. Look for glycolic or lactic acid peels to help reduce fine lines and sun spots and shrink pores. At-home chemical peels can generally be done a couple of times of week. If you decide to get a chemical peel in your aesthetician’s office, however, they tend to be a bit stronger and can usually only be done once a week or once a month, depending upon the strength of the peel.

Damaged Skin

To put it simply, if you have rough, sun damaged skin, Botox will not help. While it works great on those forehead wrinkles, but it does not have any effect on fine lines and sun spots, and it certainly won’t shrink your pores.

Quick Fix

Botox treatment can be great for a quick fix. It can provide you with immediate gratification (as results can be seen right away, with 100% of the effects showing up in just two or three days). When you look in the mirror after Botox, your facial expressions will be much softer, and your “frowny” face won’t be as severe.

However, to really give off a radiant glow, a proper skin routine, which includes a retinol product that works for your skin type, will improve your skin’s texture. This is the secret to looking younger.

While retinol does not provide you with immediate gratification like Botox, its long-term effects are well worth the trouble. Your skin’s texture will improve and you will look younger –isn’t that the point?

Eye Rejuvenation

If you want your skin to look younger, start with the proper products. One place that Botox certainly cannot help is the under eye area. Try Elite Serum Rx for eye area rejuvenation. It can help you get rid of dark under eye circles, fine lines, and puffiness or bags. Elite Serum RX features eight medical-grade peptides that are highly concentrated to provide you with excellent results!


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