Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Skin Treatments

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There are many exciting, new options in the world of non-surgical skin treatments. Decades of research into anti-aging technologies have produced some truly astounding procedures and skin care regimens. No longer are consumers faced with the ugly choice between unchecked aging and going under the knife.

Here is a look at some of the non-invasive skin treatments leading the charge toward smoother, youthful-looking skin:

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Like most skin treatments, laser resurfacing aims to eliminate small lines and acne scars. The process involves the precise removal of layers of damaged skin. This results in an increase in collagen production leading to youthful-looking skin. Recovery time after laser treatment is minimal compared to older, invasive surgical methods.

Chemical Peels

Like laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels are designed to remove the topmost layers of skin, which have been damaged by long-term exposure to sun, toxins, and contaminants. During a chemical peel, an acid-based solution is applied to problem areas on the face and left in place to dissolve damaged skin. Skin will blister, and then eventually slough off – the process is similar to what you may have experienced after a sunburn. Full recovery can take a few days while the redness subsides.


Botox injections are effective because they prevent the muscular movement that stretches skin over time. With decreased movement comes decreased wrinkling, and the most common treatment areas are the corners of the eyes and the forehead, which are the facial areas most likely to wrinkle over time. Botox is often considered a preventative measure as well, because reducing skin movement keeps new wrinkles from forming.

Skin needling and needle abrasion

Abrasive techniques use needles to pierce skin, but they are not injections or surgical procedures. Although the term “needle” can be disconcerting, these anti-aging procedures are minimally invasive and promise quick recoveries. Creating tiny punctures in the skin, small needles are rolled across the surface of the face. As those punctures heal, new skin develops, which rejuvenates the appearance of your face.

Elite Serum Rx

Like other pharmaceutical topical treatments, Elite Serum Rx is completely non-invasive. The best eye cream on the market features eight medical grade peptides – the protein chains that form the basis for your skin.

Designed to target the area around the eyes, this product is the best face cream not because it costs the most, but because its development is the result of dedicated research by a team of expert cosmetic chemists. It’s active ingredient, argireline, acts as a pseudo dermal filler. That means a youthful appearance without the risk, expense, and trauma of surgical options. Topical solutions are the least invasive options in the modern cosmetic market, and we’ve completely eliminated the pain and recovery time associated with invasive medical procedures.

With a host of options for non-invasive skin treatments, the average consumer no longer needs to choose between aging naturally and dangerous surgical options.


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