How Much Do Genetics Factor into Your Wrinkles?

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Inheriting good skin is certainly nice, but it will depend on your family’s genes and skin pigmentation. However, scientific research has shown that healthy eating and skin care habits are far more important than genetics as our bodies age.

Keeping our skin healthy and minimizing wrinkles can help your body stave off the effects of aging.

Genetic factors

Varicose veins, skin sagging and discolorations can be genetic factors in some people. Skin cancer is more likely in people with fair, often freckled skin, but a predisposition to skin cancer can be mitigated through the use of sunscreens, hats and clothing.

Enjoying the outdoor life is healthy, but people with fair skin should be careful of over-exposure to the sun. Dressing comfortably and using sunscreens will help control age spots and other discolorations as well as premature wrinkling of the skin.

Nothing will age a person faster than smoking. You may come from a family of smokers, but that habit is not genetic.

Inhaling smoke keeps the capillaries in the outermost parts of the body from getting enough oxygen for cellular regeneration. These cells are mainly in our skin. The oxygen-deprived cells shrivel up causing wrinkles everywhere especially in our faces.

Other genetic factors include skin color and pigment. Many people with darker complexions do not show wrinkles and other signs of aging as much as those with lighter skin.


Steress is often more harmful to skin than genetic factors. The stress hormone cortisol can cause hair loss, lines in the face and other issues. Acne can come from stress as well as from eating unhealthy foods. This condition, so common in adolescence, can be controlled with good skin care and healthy foods.

The latest research reveals that telomeres on the tips of chromosomes shorten as we grow older. Smoking, sun damage and stress can shorten chromosomes anytime, regardless of age. The trick is to keep these invisible telomeres happy and long as our cells rejuvenate throughout our lives.

Healthy eating and exercise

Fruits, vegetables, olive oil, nuts, seeds, whole grains and other minimally processed foods will keep us healthy. Nutritionists and medical authorities stress the importance of intelligent eating for heart health.

These foods also help in the production of the collagen that is necessary for healthy skin. Too much sugar can lead to sagging skin by impeding the production of collagen.

Exercise is important for a healthy body and that extends to the skin as well.

Skincare regimen

Good skincare should start in childhood. A regular regimen of washings with the right products and applying appropriate medication when necessary should be a regular part of adolescence. This is the best way to control the unwanted break-outs.

At some point in early adulthood, we recognize that we need moisturizers and other products to keep our skin young and healthy. We then move on to specialized skin care products such as Elite Serum Rx to control the lines and dark circles that develop around our eyes.

Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum Rx includes Argireline and other anti-aging peptides to reduce lines and the circles that look like bags under the eyes. This is a product that can be used by women and men at any age to keep the skin around the eyes looking young and firm.







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