At What Age Should You Start Worrying about Wrinkles?

There are women who begin to worry about the onset of wrinkles as early as the age of 25. Others say this is a bit too soon while some dermatologists believe this is the perfect time to embrace an anti-aging skincare routine. Fine lines and wrinkles tend to be troubling for many women (and men), especially when they start to appear on their faces early in life. Some lifestyle choices can contribute to wrinkles such as poor sleep habits, alcohol consumption and poor diet. The fact of the matter is, that there really is no age that is too early to begin worrying about wrinkles. Being proactive can help you prevent wrinkles later on in life. […]

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Foods that Promote Healthy Skin

Everyone’s heard it before: you are what you eat. If you're trying to combat the signs of aging, add certain foods to your daily diet, either alone or mixed in with your favorite main dishes or snacks. After creating the habit and changing your taste buds to embrace more healthful foods, you may find that you will actually crave these nutrient-rich foods...

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Why Do We Get Dark Under-Eye Circles?

Most people have experienced dark circles under their eyes at one time or another. Women spend a lot of time and effort to cover them with makeup or eliminate them with creams and lotions. Walking through the beauty section at the store or searching the internet will produce no shortage of products designed to hide and fight the dark under-eye bags...

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